Vacation hair essentials

Pack These Vacation Hair Overachievers

For the best vacation hair days ever, pack organic hair care products that work just as hard as you do! Here are a few of our Summer 2021 favorites that do double duty, even on vacay time. We call them organic hair care over achievers!


Can’t make it to the beach? Fake Instagram-worthy “day in the surf” hairstyles with I Create Waves, a texture-building, wave inducing, never-crunchy spray formulated with Pink Himalayan Salt, aloe and amethyst crystal. For sun kissed style, just spray on wet strands and scrunch in texture, or apply to damp hair and let air dry.

Works double duty as: Texture builder! Spray I Create Waves on second day hair, then use the heat of your hands to scrunch, plump volume and create lived in, wavy haired texture. Perfect for irresistible texture on messy buns, razor cut shags and romantic, “I just woke up like this” waves.


Soak up the sun, not the chlorine on your summer vacation! Before swimming, dampen hair with filtered water, then spray Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner roots to tips. Wrap in a braid or knot into a bun before swimming. Emollient oils, fragrant herbs, flower essences and a touch of bee-friendly honey nourish and reduce chlorine absorption. After swimming, rinse hair with clean water, then reapply for body and manageability.

Works double duty as: A style refresher! Spray Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner into your palm and emulsify with your hands, then run through dry hair to awaken body and texture and tame those summer flyaways. Color safe, Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner perfects your hair styling routine all summer long, from bright blondes, to long bobs, straight hair to slick side parts!


Our beloved and best-selling aloe and honey-based styling gel does more than hold curls with a clean-rated cast. I Create Hold works triple duty during summer vacation with its firm, flexible hold (hello, thick hair and humidity!) and antioxidant properties.

Works double duty as:

  • An everywhere hair tamer! Use a dab on a spoolie to tame eyebrows and brush down flyaways.
  • Heatless styler! Rake through wet hair, then braid. When dry, undo braids for heatless, boho waves.
  • Moisture lock: Apply over Quiet Calm Curl Control to lock in moisture, reduce frizz and make high humidity days best hair days. 


Netflix and mask, anyone? Apply our shea butter-enriched Hydrating Hair Mask to clean, damp hair, then secure in a bamboo hair wrap. Put on your favorite movie, grab a book or head for a deep soak in the bathtub. When the credits roll, rinse the mask from hair to reveal super moisturized, strengthened and Oscar-worthy strands. Hydrating Hair Mask is the ideal way to add self care into your summer, whether you’re on an endless stay-cation, beachside or road tripping.

Works double duty as: Shaving cream! You’ll need one less product in your weekender bag when protein-rich Hydrating Hair Mask is along for the ride. After applying the mask in the shower, run the remainder in your hands over legs, face or underarms for a super smooth, super hydrating shave.

Clean beauty travel essentials


Our mini travel trios make it easy to take your self care routine on the road with you this summer! ⁠TSA-friendly, they’re available in all three of our hairbath and conditioner collections⁠ plus a Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner sidekick.

Work double duty as: Where do we start? Save space in your travel kit and use our hairbaths as body wash, our conditioner as shaving cream and Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner as your all purpose styler.

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