What’s in Your Shampoo?

Many people we meet are asking this very question. What’s in shampoo, and why?  Consumers are looking deeper into the effects personal care products have on our body in the short and long term, plus the compounded impact such use has on our environment, too.  With just a few changes in everyday habits, product usage can make a huge difference on health and the planet. Thankfully, cleaner choices are easier than ever to find but the answers are in the fine details.  The front of the bottle or packaging is often designed with enticing claims to grab consumers’ attention.

What really matters includes the details contained within the information on the back or underside of the package.  By taking time to read the ingredient label beyond first few ingredients can often reveal key information about the product.  If you are unsure of the tongue-twisting vocabulary that lies before you, rest assured there are many resources with which to find the meaning to every word. Not just what they are but more importantly, what they do.  Here are a few of the main resources tracking ingredients and toxins in the cosmetics industry:

When you choose Innersense Organic Beauty, you’ll have peace of mind with safe, pure, organic products for you and your family.  Plus, our entire product line has healthy green ratings on the The Think Dirty App.  Our company is an active member of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and takes great care to formulate products with safe and sustainable ingredients, while our products are equally effective to achieve clean, healthy and beautiful hair.

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