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The Perfect Fruit For Healthy, Organic Hair

The mighty pumpkin is one of the most versatile, and healthy, fruits in the bunch! This ancient food staple has Mexican origins and was a favourite with Native Americans. We know this omega-6 fatty acid-packed seed (and favourite Fall snack!) as the perfect ingredient for the hair and scalp. Here’s why we love it as an essential ingredient in our products:

Pumpkin seed oil is loaded with vitamins E, A and K, and zinc, essential for the shiny, thick hair of your dreams. The powerful concoction of these nutrients is important for your scalp’s health and your hair’s strength. Most famous for its ability to aid in hair growth, pumpkin seed oil also plays a vital role in moisturising the scalp and returning shine to hair. The vitamins and minerals in this oil stimulate many physiological functions during the hair growth process, which is why this ingredient is commonly known for its natural hair growth remedies.

Pumpkin seed oil also provides a harmonising and uplifting top note. It creates a therapeutic experience, increasing circulation and releasing tension and anxiety.

Our pumpkin seed oil is cold pressed and comes from the United States.

You’ll find pumpkin seed oil in:

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