Don’t Give Up! My Hair Completely Changed By the End of the Shampoo Bottle

I hope you enjoy this email from Shannon, and how she fell in love with Innersense Organic Beauty. -– Greg Starkman, Founder of Innersense Organic Beauty

Hi Greg,

I met you at the Indie Beauty Expo in NYC while helping my friend at her table, The Good Home Company. I’m keeping my promise about providing you a review of your products.

My whole life I have been using natural products, but after finding out my husband had cancer at 46 years old, I began to really read labels on my products. I was very discouraged at what I found in my “natural” products in terms of ingredients.

Although I did find many products I was happy with, I had not found a shampoo and conditioner that would work for me. It’s when I received your products at the show that changed things for me.

I almost gave up on the Innersense shampoo and conditioner! I felt like it was leaving my hair heavy and greasy. BUT I was being cheap and I did not want to have to find and buy more shampoo so I used the whole bottle. I am SO glad I did! By the end of the shampoo bottle, my hair completely changed. I kept getting compliments on how shiny and pretty my long hair was! I’m a true fan now, and highly recommend your products to people.

I feel like you should offer a double set of shampoo for people’s first order. Maybe a beginner box set? I think I would have given up on you had I not realized that I needed a whole bottle to detox.

Thank you for offering products that WORK and do NOT contain toxic chemicals. I have already recommended your products to many of my friends since people ask me for recommendations all the time!

— Shannon Drenik via email

Thank you Shannon for sharing your story with us! Although we have a blog about what to expect when using Innersense Organic Beauty products, your story inspires us to look deeper at how we can share this information with new purchasers of our line. Thank you for falling in love with the beautiful truth of organic beauty.

— The Innersense Organic Beauty Team

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