Innersense Organic Beauty Plastic Bank Partnership

Here’s How We’re Transforming Plastic Into An Economic Resource

We’re transforming plastic into an economic resource by partnering with Plastic Bank. These efforts work to clean up plastic waste and transform it into an economic resource for vulnerable communities. Did you know over 18 billion pounds of plastic pollute our oceans each year?

It’s a fact that beaches in areas that lack waste infrastructure are the most impacted, their once pristine shorelines completely covered in trash. We’re on a packaging journey to ensure our company provides solutions, and not contributions, to this global problem.


Innersense Organic Beauty Plastic Bank partnership

Plastic Bank works in communities most impacted by this pollution, empowering citizens to clean up waste and create economic opportunity. There are collection systems in Haiti, the Philippines, Indonesia and Brazil, which turn waste into currency to help lift people out of poverty. Collectors receive store credits or digital payment for the waste collected and can use the “plastic capital” to buy cook stoves, food, clean water, pay for tuition, and more. The collected refuse is recycled into Social Plastic® and made into new products that run the gamut from water bottles to surfboards. 

We’ve calculated the full weight of the plastic we’ve produced over the last five years and pledged to support Plastic Bank to clean up the equivalent. But we didn’t stop there, we’re going one step further. By collecting more than we will produce in 2020, we are being completely plastic proactive. We’re the first organic beauty company to be proactive beyond our own footprint, helping leave the earth a little cleaner than we found it.

Bridging The Gap Between Pollution And Potential

Launched in 2013, PB now has over 19,000 collectors worldwide that have recovered 10 million kilograms of ocean-bound plastic. That is equivalent to 500 million bottles, enough to cover Golden Gate Bridge 80-times over. Learn more about their work here.


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