Education: Let’s Dive Deep Hairstylists!

At my heart and soul, I am a hairstylist. And after attending the W.E.L.L. Summit in New York City this past weekend, my heart and soul are renewed. Why? Hairstylists, read on and I’ll share it with you.

Thank you @cleowade for the reminder!

Thank you @cleowade for the reminder!

Trusting My Innersense

The annual wellness conference doesn’t address the traditional education offered to salon owners and hairstylists, but it does offer workshops to nourish your soul and tap into your “innersense.” The summit is an invitation for self reflection and self care, and I soaked it up. I come back to you inspired, more than ever, to share my passion for caring for the caregiver: the hairstylist.

The highlight of the weekend was definitely my involvement in the Sacred Beauty Bar, hosted by Rebecca Casciano. Her insistence that clean beauty is a revolutionary act of self care resonates with me on so many levels. (That’s a topic I’ll get into in another blog!) I met so many wonderful women, talked a lot of hair and even took a mediation session led by THE Josh Rosebrook! With my soul fed, I come back refreshed and energized, with a clearer head steeped in new ideas.

This is such a wonderful time to be in our space. It is growing. It is full of love, and it is full of information that needs to be digested, and even “noodled” as I like to say. I return from W.E.L.L. Summit inspired to teach. To share. And to ignite the fires of those of you behind the chair, doing what I love to do. Hair.

Thank you Rebecca!

Thank you Rebecca!

Caring for the Caregiver

Greg and I want to continue our mission of caring for you, the caregiver. We want to fill your soul with information, and love. We’re eager to educate YOU on our brand, our mission, our ingredients, and how caring for yourself radiates love to your clients. We know we’ll continue to grow in the process.

We’ve tossed around a few class topics like “mindful styling” and “haircare as a loving practice.” We’re FULL of ideas but want your input as we look to expand our education and embrace new concepts that specifically address you as a hairstylist. I’ve included a link here to poll you on a few of them. I can’t wait to see what you’re eager to fill your heart and soul with! Please, click away! ~ Warmly, Jo xoxo




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