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It’s been popular buzz among beauty industry professionals since its introduction. And, the buzz is only getting louder as growing demand by consumers seeks transparency in the beauty industry.  The spotlight is shining brightly on the Think Dirty app and it is no accident.  Consumers want to know what ingredients are in the personal care products they are using.  And, consumers deserve to know.

There’s some history to explore first.  It is often thought the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) offers consumer protections and oversight in the cosmetics and personal care industries.  Take peek at these facts below as researched by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and Breast Cancer Fund.

BCF_Cosmetics By Numbers

As you can see, there’s truth in numbers.  Oversight by the FDA is a false truth in the cosmetics industry.  Consumers are responsible for their own research and education to select healthier personal care products.

Based on the lack of FDA oversight, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) was created and became the chief pioneer on a specific mission.  As stated on their website, they formed “to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. With breakthrough research and education, we drive consumer choice and civic action.” Addressing healthier lifestyles, their Skin Deep Database was created, and it was the first hub for savvy organic consumers to find out more about personal care products and ingredients being used.  It tested products, rated ingredients, and their level of toxicity, as an independent, third party lab.

Our product line was part of EWG’s Skin Deep Database at that time.  As our formulations changed, we wanted to our product ingredient decks were transparent and up-to-date.  However, EWG stopped updating their Skin Deep Database.  This is why you won’t find Innersense Organic Beauty currently listed there.

As we know, attention goes where money flows. About five years ago, EWG started receiving large donations and backing for the Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) campaign to educate consumers about the food supply.  Because our updated product line was not current with the Skin Deep Database, we subsequently asked that our products be removed to prevent confusion among consumers.

Late in 2015, EWG introduced a brand new campaign and resource called EWG VERIFIED™.  They are taking aim to uncover toxic ingredients in personal care products.  Innersense Organic Beauty is proudly in the process of submitting our entire product line for their independent lab analysis and look forward to having our line displayed with EWG VERIFIED™ ratings in the very near future.  The EWG VERIFIED™ is much like the Think Dirty app and offers transparent, scientific analysis although they are entirely separate entities.

Innersense Organic Beauty is also a proud an active member of Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and has been for years.   Their goal is to “protect the health of consumers and workers by requiring the personal care products industry to phase out the use of chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects and other serious health concerns, and replace them with safer alternatives.”  Through active lobbying and legislation support, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is helping to bring greater awareness of health related issues with toxic ingredients while taking action to ensure better safety.  We take great pride in our partnership and actively participate in their ongoing meetings.  Think Dirty IG

The Think Dirty app is the new kid on the block everyone is talking about.  With convenient access to a plethora of products in its database, consumers can use this app to quickly scan products while shipping and determine it’s healthy rating.  Plus, it is current and has a process to ensure its content is up-to-date.  At the present time, it is the most widely used and most up-to-date resource available.

When Innersense Organic Beauty was introduced over 10 years ago, it was with integrity.   We have always remained 100% transparent with our product line which includes full disclose of all ingredients used in each one of our products easily accessible on our website.   We also maintain a list of ingredients we use in addition to a list of ingredients we never use.  It’s a way to help us help you make the best decisions for you and your family.

Have an ingredient question?  Drop me a line.  As a subject matter expert about cosmetic ingredients, I welcome your inquiry.  And, in the meantime, do some homework and shop clean.

Greg Starkman, Founder Innersense Organic Beauty


Photo credit for featured image: @KQED

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