Sunsets and Succulents: Healthy Hair Thrives at Green Spot

Melissa Marusteri and Chelsea Daniels of The Green Spot in Phoenix are “eco chic” brought to life. Partners in the health-minded salon, the pair’s healthy hair-meets-self-care salon thrives in the flowering green beauty niche in the Sonoran Desert, home of beautiful sunsets and succulents. The following is our chat with the Green Spot Girls!

Healthy hair thrives at The Green Spot in Phoenix, Arizona.

What’s your “vibe”? We’re very earthy, and we incorporated all of the elements: a cedar wood plant wall, moss agate canvas, beautiful iron ore and the warmth of Himalayan salt lamps. You are surrounded by all things natural.

How have organic beauty products and natural ingredients changed your  mentality as a stylist? By limiting the amount of exposure to toxic chemicals, we are creating a safe, clean environment for ourselves and our clients. We love how you can feel the pureness and quality of the ingredients. They are rich and nourishing and give your hair the true essence of being healthy and thriving, not just masking it, like most lines do. We have also seen these products help alleviate skin allergies and irritations chemicals can cause.

Textured A Line bob loved with Quiet Calm Curl Control by Chelsea Daniels at The Green Spot.


If we wouldn’t put it on our children, we wouldn’t put in on our clients. We have transformed our salon into a “green salon,” offering only products that are paraben, sulfate, and sodium chloride free, along with an ammonia and PPD free color line and lightener. Of course, our favorite addition is Innersense Organic Beauty. We are always evolving and learning new things and feel that educating our clients is crucial to making a lasting change.


What’s your advice for protecting strands from sun and chlorine?  Before swimming we tell people it is important to give hair a barrier from the chlorine. Wet your hair and coat it with conditioner before getting into the pool, that way it doesn’t soak up as much chlorinated water. This also helps protect it from the sun. Afterwards, it’s important to wash and condition your hair and follow up with Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner combed throughout.


Long hair don’t care: Ammonia-free hair painting by Melissa Marusteri at The Green Spot.

What’s unique about “Phoenix style?” and can you share any tips to get it? We are a melting pot here in the valley. The looks are usually relatively casual.  Think flow sundresses and classic sunglass shades. With temps always on the rise, we love a fun boho-braid to get our hair out of our face and off our neck.






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