Five fall hair trends we're loving now.

Five Fall Hair Trends We’re Savoring Now

What are you craving this Fall besides a bottomless pumpkin spiced latte? We’ve craving clean, pure beautiful hair that we want to sip, and slip right into. Here are five of our fave fall hair trends, and how to #GetTheLook, right from our tribe members.


Dramatic ombré by Loni Jean LaFinier.

Fall hair beckons us with deep, rich flavors and glossy hair. This stunning before and after hydration lesson by Loni Jean LaFinier makes us instantly crave an espresso and cream. Cooler weather poses a challenge to long hair, so hydration is a must: #GetTheLook: Wash and cleanse with (our Allure award-winning!) Hydrating Cream Hairbath and Conditioner. Do not rinse out all of the conditioner; leave a little in mid-shaft to ends. While hair is soaking wet, apply a dime sized amount of I Create Volume to sectioned hair, piece by piece, using “praying hands” to smooth curl clumps. The larger the clump, the looser the curl. Air dry or diffuse on low heat.


Sweet Spirit and Inner Peace add shine.

Colour treated hair always needs extra love, regardless of the season. This gorgeous Fall hair colour by Meredith at Abloom took three sessions to reach. #GetTheLook: Wash and condition with Color Awakening and Color Radiance hairbath and conditioner. Spritz Sweet Spirit Leave-in Conditioner throughout towel dried hair for an extra layer of hydration. After styling with your method of choice, emulsify Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer in your hands, then run through ends to define face-framing pieces.


Define curls and protect color with our new I Create Lift foam.

Define curls and protect color with our new I Create Lift foam.

Until just recently, Alyssa was a bombshell blonde; one of our Instagram goddesses who broke hearts every time we put her on our feed. Salon community member Jessica Guster took her ravishing red and hearts continue to break over her healthy, shiny curls and cozy new Fall hair colour. The double whammy of texture plus colour treatment means hydration is a challenge.

#GetTheLook: Depending on your texture and how thirsty your hair is, use either our Color or Hydrating hairbath and conditioner (Hydrating is our most moisture intensive). Apply a few pumps of our new I Create Lift Volumizing Foam to wet hair that’s been “plopped” and/or squeezed out with a flour sack or micro fiber towel. Use praying hands to smooth over curls. Air dry or diffuse, being careful not to “divorce” the curls by touching or raking them with your fingers. When completely dry, scrunch out the crunch with your hands, adding lift at the roots with a pick or your fingers.


Harmonic Healing Oil adds shine to touchable texture.

We love Amber’s loose, lovely boho waves kissed by our Harmonic Healing Oil. As the weather cools, our sacred blend of oils and flower essences is perfect for locking in moisture on thirsty ends. #GetTheLook: Cleanse and nourish with the Innersense hairbath and conditioner of choice. Apply a nickel-sized amount of Quiet Calm Curl Control on towel tried hair. Blow dry with natural bristle round brush to 85% dry. Allow the rest to air dry.


Tame Fall flyaways with Inner Peace Whipped Cream Texturizer.

You know it’s Fall when geometrics begin punctuating the scene. The sense of order and restraint is a subliminal shift from summer’s messy, free for all texture. Amelia Rebecca’s gorgeous A Line has us dreaming of pumpkin spice everything: #GetTheLook: Cleanse and nourish with Hydrating Cream Hairbath and Conditioner. Apply a small amount Quiet Calm Curl Control and blow dry with a large barrel brush, curling ends under. Once dry, emulsify Inner Peace Whipped Cream Texturizer in hands, then run through hair, smoothing from root to tip and taming any leftover flyaways for  perfectly structured Fall hair.










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