The Curl Doctor (And Love Quiet Calm Curl Control. Here’s Why

So this just happened: Quiet Calm Curl Control was just named in the January issue of Oprah Magazine as a go-to cream for naturally curly B and C waves! We talked to The Curl Doctor, Shai Amiel himself, on his favorite way to use our shea butter enriched cream on his curly hair and textured hair clients.

Shai Amiel, the Curl Doctor

Shai Amiel, the Curl Doctor

With celeb and curlfriends clients all across the globe, how does The Curl Doctor Shai Amiel use Quiet Calm Curl Control? Any way he can!

As a Leave In

Quiet Calm has been a very reliable leave in conditioner. It works great with all textures but I find it to be very efficient with dry and coarse hair.”

As a Hydrator

“Its extreme hydrating features really help define curls that have been dried out with previous products that left buildup.”

Alone or in Partner

“Quiet Calm works very well with Innersense Organic Beauty cleansers and conditioners or on its own.”

Try It Post Detox!

“I also recently loved its effect after I removed buildup with Harmonic Healing Oil. It is so rich and light! I’ve used it on all hair textures and found it to be very reliable.”

Thank You!

We formulated Quiet Calm with Certified Organic Shea Butter, Rice Bran Oil and Oat Kernel Extract for smoothing, hydration and protection and a bouquet of Certified Organic Orange Flower Oil and Frangipani Extract for a sense of quiet and calm. While curlies (and!) love it as a nourisher for textured hair, Quiet Calm Curl Control is just as loving on straight hair as a thermal protectant when blow drying! Our cream can also be used to reshape curls and eliminate frizz on second and third day curls. What’s your favorite way to use QC? We’d love to hear from you!


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