New York Curls Bloom At Moisture Salon

Ron Suriano is a late bloomer. The owner of Moisture Salon in Schenectady received his license only nine years ago; he’s been making New York curls bloom ever since. Recently named the Curly Hair Artistry Educator of the year, Ron’s passion is both behind the chair and in front of the class. His tagline: “Where curls begin.”

“Your hair is a result of what you do with it and what you put into it,” Ron says. “If you want to change it you have to change those things.” The following is our second talk with this talented stylist and educator so intuitive he can tell what “method”  you work on your coils at first glance.

Curls bloom in upstate New York at Moisture Salon.

Curls bloom in upstate New York at Moisture Salon.

Describe Moisture Salon in five words: Inviting. Relaxing. Friendly. Fun. Educational.

It’s only been nine years. How did you get here? Cosmetology school was the thing missing in my life. My passion for curls was realized while working at a salon catering to curls in New York City. This was my ‘ah ha’ moment and I decided to dedicate my career to curly hair. People thought I was crazy but something or someone (Mom in heaven?) knew I could do it. It was the best decision I ever made.

Before: Thirsty curls.
After: Hydrated curls.

What’s one thing you wish everyone with curly hair understood? Our hair needs moisture and we have to hydrate it more than once a week. By doing this one thing more frequently the curls will become healthier faster. And “the wetter the better” for detangling!

Why is an organic line like Innersense important to you? We need to use ingredients that have not been altered chemically. Raw ingredients make the hair healthy, not feel healthy in a cosmetic way like most other brand results do.

How have organic products changed you as a stylist? Product knowledge is very important. I can educate and inform my clients as to why this line is so amazing: it’s the raw ingredients, high concentration and nothing added. In turn, my client becomes a more educated consumer and knows what to use and what to stay away from.

After SOTC, Ron prefers Inner Reflection to define ends.

What’s your favorite Innersense Organic Beauty combo? For fine/wavy curls I love Pure Harmony Hairbath and Pure Inspiration Conditioner. Afterwards, I fill the hair with I Create Volume and I Create Hold. After “scrunching out the crunch,” I finish with a small amount of Inner Reflection to keep the ends defined.

For curly/super curly hair, I love the new Hydrating Cream Hairbath and Conditioner. After washing, I fill the hair with Quiet Calm Curl Control and seal with one of the gels.

Class is in session with Vaza Salon and Midtown Curls.

Class is in session with Vaza Salon and Midtown Curls.

You’re Curly Hair Artistry’s Educator of the Year! What does it take to teach curl love and care? The key to being a good educator is to interact with the class, stay focused and teach useful content. I make sure what I teach provides stylists the tools they need to bring back to their clients to serve them better – and with confidence. And following up with my students afterwards provides support and a refresh… Education can be overwhelming!

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