Is Your Hair Ready for Spring?

As the world begins to bloom, we’re mining our salon partners for seasonal inspo. We love the intentional approach to holistic hair and styling, and the “salon as sanctuary” concept at Midtown Curls in Reno, Nevada. Here’s Anna and Loni’s intentional approach to Spring. 

Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy Unhealthy Products!

“My spring inspiration is to aspire others to be the best versions of themselves. You feel the best when you are feeling happy inside and out. This Spring, I challenge you to clean up your health regimen and kick start your new healthy wellbeing. It starts from within and trusting your innersense.

Go for things that make you feel good. Let’s start by eating whole foods that actually benefit your body, skin, hair, and scalp. Then I would love to see you go through your bathroom yuckies and toss all items that are toxic and harmful to you, your body, and the environment. The Think Dirty app is perfect for this! Lastly, start building your clean and safe beauty regimen with Innersense Organic Beauty and never look back at using items that link to cancerous disease and illnesses. We are above killing ourselves with toxic chemicals.”Anna

Healthy Energy + Positivity

“My spring inspiration is incorporating health and positive energy in to all my colours and styles, and that starts with the foundation of the hair and Hydrating Cream Hairbath and Conditioner. I start by giving an intentional shampoo and cleansing the hair and scalp of toxins and debris. The creamy hairbath lathers with so much richness and when washed away, it leaves a soft hairshaft.

When adding Hydrating Cream Conditioner, I keep the hair very wet and slowly incorporate the very rich cream. I keep it on for about two minutes before rinsing most of it out, leaving it soft and slippery feeling. I prefer to air dry since the transition to Spring is making the air here in Reno much dryer, so I am often skipping the blow dryer and getting a softer look altogether. When you start with a foundation of soft, hydrated, healthy hair, it makes any new trend or style look and stay amazing. ~ Loni

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