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Here’s How To Wash And Cleanse According To Your Hair-o-scope


Like you, your hair has a personality all its own. The relationship you have with your hair is sacred; it will tell you everything it needs if you just listen carefully. It will tell you what it craves, what it’s tired of and what it doesn’t want at all. Let’s find out which Innersense Organic Beauty hairbath and conditioner fits your hair-o-scope:


WHAT YOUR HAIR IS SAYING: “I’m on the finer side and don’t do well with extra weight. Super hydrating shampoos and conditioners tend to make me feel flat and heavy. I require styling products with weightless control; as light and airy as I am!”

YOUR HAIR-O-SCOPE: Pure Harmony Hairbath and Pure Inspiration Conditioner allows you to be you without the added burden of weight. As you aren’t super dry or damaged, this duo delivers just the right amount of moisture with ingredients like aloe, pumpkin seed, shea butter and coconut oils to cleanse and rice bran oil, aloe and orange flower oil to condition for the best hair days, every day.


WHAT YOUR HAIR IS SAYING: “I’m on the drier side and/or no stranger to chemical treatments, hair colour and heat styling tools. In other words, my hair is a little thirsty and needs some hydration love. I require styling products that condition my hair while I look fabulous!”

YOUR HAIR-O-SCOPE: Color Awakening Hairbath and Color Radiance Conditioner are like an extra sip of water on a really hot day. This powerful duo adds hydration and body without stripping precious colour or weighing down hair that’s already compromised by heat damage or chemical treatments. Crafted with coconut and pumpkin seed oils, shea butter and emollient plants to cleanse, and rice bran oil, aloe vera, avocado and sunflower extract to condition, lightweight and build up-free is the way to be for you!


WHAT YOUR HAIR IS SAYING: “I’m sooo thirsty and I want my hair back! My middle names are ‘dry’ and ‘coarse’ and I’m in desperate need of hydration to repair my hair from the inside out. My hair texture makes me prone to dryness (wavy, curly and kinky) and I may have been a bit codependent on chemical treatments and heat styling in the past, but no more!”

YOUR HAIR-O-SCOPE: Hydrating Cream Hairbath and Hydrating Cream Conditioner are your spirit products! Designed to repair hair from the inside out with aloe, shea butter, avocado, tamanu and monoi oils, this duo means business (but gentle business!) when forgiving past mistakes so you can move ahead with the healthy hair journey you’ve always dreamed of!

Have you listened to what your hair is trying to tell you? We’d love to know what it’s saying!


  • Aoife Corcoran says:

    Hi I’ve wavy, fine, coloured hair! What products would you recommend please?

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Aoife,

      Thanks for reaching out! For your hair we recommend starting with our Color Awakening Hairbath, Color Radiance Daily Conditioner and Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner. The core of hair health starts with cleansing and conditioning. The Color duo is perfect for color treated hair and since you have wavy hair, your hair likely needs that extra sip of moisture. As for styling it depends on what you are wanting to achieve with your look. Feel free to reply back with your styling routine and we can make recommendations that way or have a one on one with us by emailing

      Thank You!

  • Amber Shaw says:

    Hi help please 🙏,
    I’ve got 2a-c waves. Its very fine, low-medium density. Hair coloured (balayage) up to 3 shades lighter.
    We have soft water here, if that helps.
    What products would you recommend please?
    Sorry for a long message, I just want to make sure what to get fir my hair type before purchasing.

    Thank you & kind regards

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Amber,

      We recommend our Color Awakening Hairbath and Color Radiance Daily Conditioner as this would be the most compatible with your hair type and texture.

      Thank You!

  • Caren Margerison says:

    Hi I’ve have very fine thin ish low porosity wavy/curls and my hair is coloured. My hair does not like heavy products. Which range should I go for. For fine hair or coloured?

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Caren,

      Thanks for reaching out! Based on your hair type and texture we recommend our Pure Harmony Hairbath & Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner.

      Thank You!

  • Terri Lambert says:

    My hair is naturally white now – not coloured artificially. It is thick and wavy. I like to use products to give it extra volume and definition. Can you please advise which to purchase?

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Terri,

      If you’re looking for more volume in your style, then look now further than I Create Volume! I Create Volume is especially perfect for your hair type and texture.

      Thank You!

  • mirela lechea says:

    Hi. My hair is high porosity from bleach. I’ve colored it back to my natural color, but is a bit dry and frizzy. What will you recommend for definition. I’m trying to figure out a routine with your products. Thank you

    • Innersense Tribe says:

      Hi Mirela,

      Thanks for your question! If your hair is high porosity from bleach we first would recommend you incorporate Hydrating Hair Masque into your routine to help repair and restore the health of your hair. Hydrating Hair Masque helps to strengthen, nourish and hydrate hair that is damaged or compromised which often is the case when bleaching and even with darkening hair, it’s harder to see the damage when it’s darker, but underneath, it craves a little TLC.

      If you’re looking for definition it all really depends on what that means to you and how you style your hair. While you won’t be able to shop on our USA website since we don’t ship internationally, you can head over to our USA site to speak with one of our associates via our online chat feature. These associates are professional hair stylists and IOB Educators that can make recommendations for your hair type, texture and ultimate goals.

      Thank You!

  • Mari says:

    My hair is very fine, easily breakable, colored and slightly damaged from coloring, and wavy. What type of products do your recommend for shampoo, conditioner and styling? (Styling wise I want to achieve better definition of the curls and to remove frizziness).

    Thank you!

    • Megan K says:

      Hi Mari,
      I would definitely recommend using our Color Awakening Hairbath and Color Radiance Conditioner, then our Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner. If your hair needs a little extra moisture, using our Hydrating Hair Mask would also be very beneficial. Depending on how much curl definition you want, I would recommend using our I Create Lift Volumizing Foam, I Create Waves, or I Create Volume. If you want more curl definition, use our I Create Volume then our I Create Lift Volumizing Foam. Use from roots to ends and scrunch in and follow with diffusing or carefully drying. If you want a more defined natural wave use our I Create Lift and then our I Create Waves…personal favorite combination, and we have similar hair types! Hope this helps. Sending you lots of hair love!

  • Carolyn Hall says:


    I have 2c/3a curls. Had Covid 19 in March and lost a lot of hair so it’s much thinner now and I have lost some curl definition. I used to colour my hair but all the colour has been cut off and it’s going grey which is fine. What shampoo, conditioner and styling products would you recommend? Thanks

    • Megan K says:

      Hi Carolyn,
      So happy to hear you are fully recovered and getting your hair health back! I would recommend using either our Pure line since you have fine hair, or our Color line if you are planning to color your hair again or need a little extra moisture. Some styling products I would recommend would be our I Create Volume, I Create Lift Volumizing Foam, and Quiet Calm Curl Control. Our Quiet Calm Curl Control is a cream so having fine hair I would use it sparingly. Always remember that our products are highly concentrated so be sure to use water and emulsify thoroughly. Hope this helps! Sending you lots of hair love!

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