Itchy Scalp Solutions

3 Dry, Itchy Scalp Solutions

Dry, itchy scalp? We often blame our hair, when we really should be looking at our scalp health. Here’s 3 itchy scalp solutions that fit perfectly into your clean beauty self care routine.


Like our hair, our scalp reacts to the environment. And it also reacts to ingredients in our hair care. As scalp health is vital to healthy hair and beautiful hair days, we’ve created our first-ever scalp-focused treatment, True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub! It’s packed with exfoliating ingredients to gently cleanse and soothe inflammation for a balanced, healthy scalp (and solve the itch!).

True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub is a pre-cleanse exfoliation treatment formulated with Hawaiian Red salt (rich in volcanic clay and minerals), which gently removes impurities. Apple fruit restores hydration to the scalp and peppermint oil stimulates blood flow. Celery seed, green tea and tea tree extracts help to soothe inflammation and irritation. And True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub is perfect for everyone, regardless of hair type or texture!

Your Itchy Scalp Solution: Take a deep breath and become centred  (think “perfectly balanced scalp!”). Scoop a small amount of True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub into fingertips. Massage onto wet scalp. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with Innersense Organic Beauty hairbath and conditioner.

Are you hearing a lot about scalp health right now? Happily, we are too! True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub was even featured in The Zoe Report!

Pure Duo


Seasonal changes, hormones and diet can all lead to itchy scalp, as our scalp and hair react to our physical needs and fluctuations. That’s why we encourage you to “listen” to what your hair is trying to tell you! The same applies for your scalp. 

Your Itchy Scalp Solution: As the scalp is home to the largest pores on our body, it’s vital the cleansers, conditioners, treatments and stylers we use on our scalps are clean and free of toxins. Innersense Organic Beauty clean hair care products are clean-rated on the Think Dirty app! Download it today and think of the app as your “clean beauty bestie” who’ll go shopping with you every time you need personal care items!


Now that we’re elevating the importance of scalp health, let’s remember hair health goes hand in hand. Hair colour, chemical treatments, heat styling and seasonal exposure can all add stress to our strands, so it’s important to make hair nourishment a part of our self care routine.

That’s why we created Hydrating Hair Mask, our rich and luxurious treatment to repair and revitalise dry, coarse and damaged hair. A luxurious treat, it’s crafted with flax seed, shea butter, coconut and tamanu oils and quinoa to repair hair while delivering rich hydration and shine. Hydrating Hair Mask is best for dry, thick, thirsty hair when it feels in need of extra hydration. It can be used less regularly on finer hair in smaller amounts for the ultimate self care treat.

Your Self Care Solution: After cleansing with your Innersense Organic Beauty hairbath of choice, remove excess moisture from your hair. Apply Hydrating Hair Mask mid-length to ends and feel the healing presence for 5-10 minutes, or longer if needed. (This is the perfect time to wrap hair in a bamboo towel and soak in the tub or curl up with a favourite book. Remember, this is self care!) Rinse thoroughly and follow with the Innersense Organic Beauty conditioner of your choice.

Are You Ready To Say Goodbye To Your Itchy Scalp?

Now that you have the inside scoop on solving your itchy scalp, you’re one step ahead on your healthy hair journey!  Do you have questions about your itchy scalp or scalp health? Please ask us below!


  • Claudia says:

    Guten Tag aus Berlin,
    Wie oft kann ich das True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub verwenden?
    Danke und viele Grüße

    • Megan K says:

      Hi Claudia! You can use True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub 1 to 4 times a month depending on your scalp condition. I wouldn’t recommend using it more than once a week. Hope this helps! Sending you lots of hair love!

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