An Insider’s Guide: How Pro Stylists Use I Create Volume

Time-saving, versatile styling products are key to great hair days during the busiest of seasons. I Create Volume, called one of the best clean hair products for volume, adds body, manageability and shine with Certified Organic honey and aloe vera, rice amino acids and eucalyptus. The perfect product to add volume to hair of all types and textures, from straight hair to curly hair, see 5 ways our pros use it below!


Pair I Create Volume with any of our styling products for endless options and combinations! For the ultimate in smooth, moisturized hold, our stylists love pairing I Create Volume with new Serenity Smoothing Cream. As cooler weather approaches, it’s a wonderful “base layer” of moisture + hold for your hair!

#GetTheLook: Cleanse and condition with your Innersense Organic Beauty products of choice. Apply Serenity Smoothing Cream to soaking wet hair in sections, either by combing or scrunching in. Apply a small amount of I Create Volume into wet hands, then glide over hair in your sections, applying more I Create Volume to your hands when needed to cover all of your hair. You can then scrunch sections together before air drying or diffusing, or proceed with blow drying for frizz-free, super moisturized styling.


“Apply I Create Volume on wet hair when you want hydration and definition. Great for beach waves, curls and coils.”

Alejandra Martinez, Abloom Salon and Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona

#GetTheLook: Cleanse and condition with your Innersense Organic Beauty products of choice, then section wet hair into at least four sections. When sun or air drying, a little goes a long way, so Alejandra suggests starting with a quarter size amount of I Create Volume per section. Use the slippery feel of the aloe to hydrate and detangle your hair as you apply, then let the sun do the rest of the work for super voluminous hair. Hands off your hair until your hair is completely dry! Once dry, flip your hair over, shake up the roots and go!


“I Create Volume is my favorite product for a blowout. It smooths the cuticle beautifully and leaves the hair glassy. The hold from the honey also makes a blowout last.”

Michelle Schindler, Los Angeles, California

#GetTheLook: Cleanse and condition with your Innersense Organic Beauty products of choice (if you have fine hair or thinning hair, our Pure Harmony Hairbath is the volumizing shampoo for you!).

Apply Hair Love Prep Spray (a volume spray that also adds thermal protection!) to towel-dried hair and comb or brush through. Follow with a small amount of I Create Volume and comb or brush through. With your hair dryer, blow dry smooth with a large barrel round brush or paddle brush to add volume and straighten hair. When dry, apply I Create Finish to seal your style and tame flyaways. 


“If I’m looking for a maximum light reflection, bounce, and fullness of the curls, I apply I Create Volume in sections on soaking wet hair. Rooibos tea antioxidants make this product perfect for long locks.”

Diana Schmitt, Tame It Curl Haus, Denver, Colorado

#GetTheLook: Cleanse and condition with your Innersense Organic Beauty products of choice. With curly hair, it’s a good idea to wet your hands first, then awaken a little bit of I Create Volume in your hands. Apply it to your hair using the “prayer hands” technique, then “scrunch” it back up to reform your curl pattern. 

Want another tip? Diana’s favorite cocktail for bouncy, and hydrated curls is as follows: Mix 1 part Quiet Calm Curl Control and 2 parts I Create Volume. Awaken them in your hands, then rake through soaking wet hair. Diffuse or air dry.


“I Create Volume is the most versatile styling product. It’s perfect for all hair textures. The hold and shine it brings all of my clients’ hair is unmatched. It offers the perfect amount of hold and manageability.”

Ari Venturella, Onyx & Rose Salon, Louisville, Kentucky

#GetTheLook: Cleanse and condition with your Innersense Organic Beauty products of choice. Apply I Create Volume to wet hair in sections. Comb, brush or scrunch through hair. Blow dry your hair straight, air dry or diffuse. If desired, follow with hot tools or flat iron for additional texture, smoothing and/or hair volume once dry. Apply I Create Finish to seal your style and tame flyaways. Bye bye, flat hair!

A Clean Styling Lotion For Fall and Beyond

Now that you know how to use our I Create Volume on all hairstyles,  you’re selfie ready! And if you’re capturing that pumpkin spiced latte this fall, please tag us on Instagram and show off your clean, pure beautiful hair.

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