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Art and Holistic Hair Inspire at Abloom

What happens when you combine your love of holistic hair with your love of art? You get Abloom Salon + Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona. A holistic place of beauty where art happens: On the walls, and in the hair. We spoke to Alejandra Martinez, owner of the stylistic space about her go-tos, being a Clean Air salon, and…

7 Ways to Jumpstart Your Salon Facebook Page Now 

A few years ago, Lauren from Soul Connection Media took our social media up several notches. As a way to support your salon, we’re delighted to feature a guest blog post from Lauren. As always, thank you for your support and being part of our valued community. We appreciate you! ~ In gratitude, Greg and Joanne Facebook…

Get Gorgeous Spring Hair with These Quick Fixes

Is your hair just NOT working for you right now? You’re not alone. Like your body, hair takes time to adjust to changing temperatures and humidity levels. Get gorgeous Spring hair with these two quick fixes from a pair of our favorite curl friends.

Is Your Hair Ready for Spring?

As the world begins to bloom, we’re mining our salon partners for seasonal inspo. We love the intentional approach to holistic hair and styling, and the “salon as sanctuary” concept at Midtown Curls in Reno, Nevada. Here’s Anna and Loni’s intentional approach to Spring. 

How to Wash With Our New Hydrating Shampoo

According to television commercials, this is how you wash your hair: Plop a large sized amount shampoo on top of your head. Scoop up your remaining hair and mash it all into a foamy cap. And scrub. That’s not shampooing with intention and that’s not how we do it around here! Think of Innersense Organic Beauty hairbaths more…
Curly Hair at Southern Curl

Rocking Blessings, Curly Hair at Southern Curl

Seasons and dew points change but the fight over frizz is a constant for the curly-haired girl. Luckily there’s stylists like Robin Sjoblom. Named one of the top curly hair stylists on the globe by Refinery 29, this Innersense Organic Beauty educator, Curly Hair Artistry queen and “curlisphere” social media darling has spent 20 years behind the chair…

10 Things to Expect From a Curly Hair Artist

By Elizabeth, Curly Girl I fought my curls for 40 years before I saw my first Curly Hair Artist (CHA). It took hundreds of blown-straight-first hair cuts, botched bang jobs, slither scissor catastrophes and thinning shear atrocities before Bevely Turner of Hello Curls in Sacramento set me “straight.” If you’ve been putting off a visit to a…

6 Fall Hairstyle Trends We’re Loving NOW!

Fall is right around the corner, can you feel it? Here’s a look at seven Fall hairstyle trends we’re loving NOW and Innersense Organic Beauty product suggestions to keep your style as spicy as a pumpkin spiced latte.

Translating Curls with San Francisco’s Best: A Salon Chat with Dianne Nola

All curls are not created equal. All curly hair is not all curly. And each curl has a mind of its own. A curl specialist knows this. Many of us with coils and ringlets do not. Luckily there are stylists like Dianne Nola to translate our tendrils into a language we understand. “An experienced stylist is like…

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